5 Features Millennial Homebuyers Are Looking For

Millennials continue to be the largest segment of homebuyers according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Here are five features that tend to entice millennials who are looking to buy.

1. An Up-to-date Kitchen And Bath
Younger buyers often have limited funds for renovations, so it’s important that they have functional and inviting bathroom and kitchen spaces from the very start.

2. An Open Floor Plan
Having a formal dining room isn’t of particular importance to millennials, in fact, many prefer open spaces with no separation between kitchen, living room, and dining room. An open concept makes it easier to entertain everyone at once.

3. An Office
More and more jobs are offering work-from-home options, and there are also plenty of freelancers and telecommuters among millennials. A dedicated space for getting some work done can be a key attraction.

4. Friendly Location
With gas prices rising, many millennials prefer walking, biking, or public transit for their commutes. A great location is key.

5. Energy Savings
Millennials are often more conscious of energy conservation and efficiency. Energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient windows, and quality insulation can make a huge difference.

5 Amazing Smart Kitchen Products

As technology continues to evolve year after year, new products hit the market that help make our lives easier. Check out these five amazing innovations that can assist you in the kitchen!

1. Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi 8-in-1 Multicooker

This handy appliance is an electric pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, warmer, and more. It’s compatible with Alexa and connects to Wi-Fi, allowing you to access more than 1,000 recipes, control cook settings, and check on your meal’s progress with their free app or voice assistant.

2. NutriBullet Balance Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender.

Using Bluetooth to connect the blender to your smart device, you can use the free NutriBullet Balance app to set your health goals and select from hundreds of recipes. Then the blender counts calories, proteins, carbs, and more based on the volume of each ingredient you add.

3. Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

By pairing this smart coffee maker with an Echo Dot, your morning routine becomes a little easier. Ask your Alexa app or the smart speaker to start brewing up to 12 cups of coffee, switch between regular or bold brew, or turn the coffee maker off.

4. Qi Aerista IoTea Brewer

Not a coffee fan? Not to worry, we have you covered. This smart tea brewer has 9 automatic tea programs for different types of tea and can be controlled with the free Qi Aerista app.

5. COSORI Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

Combining the power of this air fryer with the Echo Dot, use the voice assistant or the VeSync app to cook your favorite meals or choose from 100 pre-programed recipes.


Lunch & Learn with Jason Caskie & Anne Toth at The Lot in the City Center of San Ramon

With the new year we make resolutions to get our body fit but what about getting your credit fit?

Did you know? If you have a common name, it’s possible that someone with the same name can have dings on your credit report. 

…or a past debt you’ve paid may still be showing on your report.

The best way to verify this or check if there are any other potential “dings’ on your credit report you are not aware of is to have a mortgage professional run your credit.

Watch our video to learn an easy tip to handle this potential issue. 

Thanks for watching 🙂 


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This week’s San Ramon Valley Real Estate Market Update – 2/1/2022 – 🔥🔥🔥

It’s like sellers are winning the lottery 😁 🏡 🎰

Watch video for info on the current market in San Ramon, Dublin, Danville, Blackhawk & Alamo 🏡

This week’s stats by city:

San Ramon:
– 29 ‘For Sale’
– 58 ‘Sale Pending’
– 8 ‘Sold’
– Average Sale vs List Price 113%

– 23 ‘For Sale’
– 43 ‘Sale Pending’
– 5 ‘Sold’
– Average Sale vs List Price 112%

– 26 ‘For Sale’
– 46 ‘Sale Pending’
– 6 ‘Sold’
– Average Sale vs List Price 113%

– 7 ‘For Sale’
– 3 ‘Sale Pending’
– 0 ‘Sold’
– Average Sale vs List Price N/A%

– 8 ‘For Sale’
– 15 ‘Sale Pending’
– 0 ‘Sold’
– Average Sale vs List Price N/A%

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Five Tips For Funding Your Next Vacation

There’s nothing quite like some well-earned time off in a cool new place, but vacations certainly don’t pay for themselves. Here are a few ideas for funding your next getaway.

1. The change jar: It’s not groundbreaking, but it works. Here’s an eye-opening stat: Putting $1.37 per day into your change jar adds up to $500 in a year!

2. Sell your stuff: We all have some clutter that we don’t need and have been looking for an excuse to get rid of, and that stuff can be pretty valuable. Think of what might be stored in your attic or basement—baseball cards, furniture, etc. It’s not junk, but it’s not doing you any good, and someone might find it valuable.

3. Set up a dedicated savings account: You could do this in your current bank account, or use one of several online services that are tailor-made for vacation savings. Have the money transferred directly from each paycheck so that you’re always saving on schedule.

4. Get the kids involved: Vacations are even more expensive when you’ve got a family. If your kids get money from jobs, chores, or an allowance, ask them to put a little money away for vacation here and there—it could end up paying for a meal or a night in a hotel.

5. Volunteer: Your church or community center probably organizes low-cost vacations where you can visit a new place and do some good by giving back to the community.

Choose The Right Paint Finish

It can be intimidating to stand in front of the paint swatches at the paint or hardware store and try to make a decision. Picking a color can be difficult enough—and then you have to choose the finish. Choosing the color is up to you, but here’s a simple guide to choosing the correct finish for your project.

High Gloss
High gloss paint has the most sheen, and will be the most durable. That durability is best suited for the kitchen, on surfaces like cabinets, door frames, and window trim. It’s best to avoid using high gloss on walls, because it will be too reflective.

It’s not as shiny as high gloss, but it’s still great for kitchens and bathrooms, because the sheen protects from drips, splatters, and other moisture.

Satin has a velvet-like look, but is still a durable finish, and works best in high-traffic areas. Be careful when applying, because satin paint will reveal sloppy brush strokes.

Eggshell and Flat
These finishes have the least amount of sheen, and are the least durable. They’re great for hiding imperfections in your walls, but the low durability means they should be avoided if the room is subject to wear and tear from kids or pets. Use these paints in dining rooms, bedrooms, and other low-traffic rooms.